BlowdrukPainting the sound, performing the colours

Blowdruk performs live music and painting


Blowdruk is a collaboration between contemporary music ensemble Blow and visual artist Sigrid Tanghe

New methods blending visual and auditive improvisation



Blowdruk commissions new works for visuals and sounds

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‘BLOWDRUK’ concentrates on contemporary chamber music with a distinctive visual aspect. The image is explicitly created during the live performance: each sound has it’s visual countermove. Melody, rhythm, harmony and dynamics are perpetuated into an integral audiovisual process. The act of the visual imagination, which is generally not accessible for the audience, is performed in real time accompanying the musical presentation.

The project premiered at De Bijloke during the multidisciplinary festival Voorwaarts Maart in 2014. Blowdruk. Blowdruk created 6 new compositions from Belgian composers like Claude Coppens, Benjamin Van Esser, Jelle Tassyns and Frederik Neyrinck. They wrote new compositions styled to the possibilities of the ensemble Blow and the visual language of Sigrid Tanghe. The concert has been broadcasted on Cultuur7.

Blowdruk presents a new audiovisual look into the existing repertoire for saxophone and percussion and new compositions for this remarkable combination. Next to that, audiovisual improvisations are part of the search for new ways to blend audio and visual art.
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